Your Tribe

Pictures in my head
A certain feel
It seems so real
Wond’ring how to get
This special feel
A magic deal

In your life you meet a lot of people. Most of them do not stay but some do. They form your reality. Who you are is who your friends are.

There are expectations you have about other people as well as others expect something from you. If this matches your identity, the life goes smoothly. If it is against your true self, an inner conflict arises and consumes all mental, emotional and physical energy. One day you may catch yourself making excuses to your friends for your genuine thoughts and behaviour. The other day you may find you do things you don’t want because you are expected to act in this way.

Talking one language
Love is the message
We are talking one language
There is one way to survive
To discover our common mind

There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with them. The truth is they are not your species.

Find your tribe. The one you talk one language with.

This is how I feel
A connected kind
Of common mind
Peace and love are real
So keep in mind
Your heart will find

Toxic Memories

I have just invented a new term and called it “toxic memories”. I defined it as “memories from your past you stick to, both good and bad”. Those which stop you living your present life. It happens because of something in the past was so good and you believe your new experiences could neither repeat nor beat it. On the other end, you might try to get rid of something not very pleasant or be afraid of something terrible that could happen again.

After some googling I found the term does exist. It’s meaning almost matches the one I had in mind. The only difference is most people define “toxic memories” as bad memories. Why do they ignore good ones? Is it not obvious that good ones could be even more harmful to your life?

What would you say about this?